The distillery’s backdrop is an 18th-century coffee farm, set amid rivers and imperial palm trees, vast plains, fields and fish farms – a real paradise on Earth. Set up especially for gin production, making it the first exclusive gin distillery in Brazil and the largest craft gin distillery in Latin America, Amázzoni is located in the Paraíba Valley, Rio de Janeiro State. We are the only Latin American distillery to win the Best World Craft Producer of the Year at the World Gin Awards (in London, 2018). This is where Amázzoni Gin is made: proudly artisanal, local and independent.


“Tradition cannot be inherited, and, if you want it, you must obtain it by great labour.” T.S. Eliot

Respecting tradition while seeking to innovate is how we produce Amázzoni, in copper stills, as gin tradition dictates. The powerful, original, wood-fired boiler, with an old 15-metre high, red-brick chimney, feeds the still to boil the infusions and fires the process through which water from neighbouring waterfalls becomes the nectar in our bottles.

Never, though, has a premium gin been made in Brazil, let alone from Amazonian botanicals. Nor has a gin ever been so capable of highlighting & mixing to perfection the gifts of this prodigal land and its people’s spirit while maintaining the respect for a centuries-old sampling tradition. Amázzoni is a 100% Brazilian product in terms of philosophy, ingredients and its manufacturing process. And in four hundred years this was unheard of. Until now.



Old and New Worlds meet and embrace, becoming one, as was the case with Naià, the Guarani Indian. Innocent and a daydreamer, she wanted to marry Jaci, the great lunar warrior. If you can catch him, she was told, you’ll become a star. That was when, through her pure, naive ambition; her desire to shine, Jaci noticed the young Indian. Touched with admiration at such purity, he transformed her into a star.

Today, in every drop of our gin, there is a renewal of Naià and Jaci’s union. Amázzoni Gin and Amázzoni Rio Negro are deeply Brazilian, courageously against the grain, proud of their dreams, rooted in their own territory, but so contagiously cosmopolitan, pure, true, naive even, but aiming for the stars. The true nature of Amázzoni gin is born of the desire to offer the world the hidden notes of the Amazon and Brazil, lesser-known and, precisely for this reason, more genuine.