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The Story Behind Amázzoni Gin

“… And from the Waters, a Star is Born…”

Amázzoni is our biggest star. We’ve been recognized as the best gin and gin distillery in the world numerous times. However, whenever you taste one of our gin cocktails, it’s mixed with multiple drops of nature and culture. There are a lot of gin brands for every taste out there. However, our exclusive botanicals, history and folklore tales from Brazil and from the Amazon Rainforest will transform your experience every time you try a gin martini, a gin and tonic or whatever your favorite gin drink may be. With every sip – old and new worlds meet and embrace becoming one – just like in this folklore tale we’ll tell you right now.

The phrase that we use to describe our award-winning gin comes from an ancient tale from the northern region of Brazil. In this popular story, the main characters are Jaci – The Great Lunar God and Naiá, a young and beautiful Indigenous warrior.

Across the Amazon Rainforest, the young warriors of the indigenous tribes were enchanted by the Moon. They dreamed about Jaci and loved to admire the beauty of the Lunar God. Whenever the sun set, the Moon would take one of these young warriors when going to hide. By nighttime, the Indigenous warriors would not come back. Instead, they would leave their earthly body and become shining stars in the sky.

In one particular Indigenous tribe, the young Naiá was simply obsessed with the Moon. The older members of the tribe tried to warn the warrior by explaining that whenever the Moon took a member of their tribe, they would be transformed into stars in the sky and would never come back. However, by that point, Naiá was hopelessly enamored by the Moon and was already so fixated on the idea of being with the Lunar God that every warning was ignored. Naiá’s obsession with Jaci only intensified. She lost interest in eating or drinking and would only live to adore and admire the Moon.

One night, Naiá was sitting by the lake when the Moon appeared shining brighter than ever. The Lunar God’s reflection in the water made the Indigenous warrior believe that Jaci had descended from the skies to bathe in the waters. Unable to think straight, Naiá jumped in the lake and started to swim in order to reach the beloved Lunar God. Once getting closer to the reflection, Naiá realized it was just an optical illusion but it was already too late. While trying to swim back to the shore, the warrior drowned and died.

Jací was observing everything from the skies and felt a deep compassion for the young warrior. Deeply moved by the young warrior’s strong and genuine admiration, the Moon decided to honor this strong devotion by transforming Naiá into a different kind of star.

The Lunar God decided that the young warrior would become the only star of the waters, unlike the multiple ones in the sky. Jaci transformed Naiá into the largest Water Lily in the world, known in Brazil as the “Vitória Régia”.

Indeed, from the waters, a star was born. Whoever visits the North region of Brazil, will get to witness a piece of this tale. Unlike all others, the white and perfumed leaves of this specific type of Water Lily opens only at night – along with the appearance of the Moon. The giant and nocturnal water lilies became the symbol of the Amazon Rainforest.

Today, in every drop of our gin, there is a renewal of Naiá and Jací’s union, between popular wisdom and vision, passion and provocation, water as the source of life and the magic of the Amazon rainforest. Amázzoni Gin is deeply Brazilian, courageously against the grain, proud of its dreams, rooted in its own territory, but so contagiously cosmopolitan, pure, true, naive even, but aiming for the stars. The true nature of Amázzoni gin is born of the desire to offer the world the hidden notes of the Amazon and Brazil, lesser-known and, precisely for this reason, a more genuine experience.